October 5, 2022

Exciting Online Games

Online games transport gamers to new worlds, presenting them with exciting challenges, offering plenty of solo activities and even giving them the option to team up with friends to explore these virtual realms. Thanks to improved internet connectivity and the rise of gaming streaming services, it’s easier than ever before to play games online.  

Not all games are created equal, however. So, if you want to discover some exciting online gaming experiences, here are genres that you should pay attention to.  

Online RPGs 

Role-Playing Games are a core genre in the global gaming industry and the sheer variety of RPGs that can be played online is staggering. All sorts of games can fall into the RPG genre, even those with very unique gameplay styles. Within the genre, you’ll find turn-based games, strategy or action titles, roguelike games and even dungeon crawlers. RPGs typically pit weapon-wielding lead characters against a series of enemies and there are always quests and missions to do, whether the game is set in the farthest reaches of space or in ancient medieval times.  

One of the best examples of an online RPG to play today is Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact. This game exploded onto the scene in 2019 and immediately earned millions of fans across the world for its nostalgic storyline and beautiful gameplay. The game, which is free to play, features plenty of exciting elements and multiple playable characters. 


As one of the most popular gaming verticals with adult gamers (this genre is for strictly over-21s), iGaming experiences bring all the thrill and excitement of the casino or poker room direct to your desktop. The genre is characterised by engaging visuals and audio, advanced gaming experiences including live dealer games, and of course, the allure of eye-watering prizes.  

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Online slots games are easily the most ubiquitous and are easy enough for the freshest of players to get into. Several platforms offer free spins or play-money trials, where you can learn the basics of playing slots games. Once you’ve got to grips with how to play online slots games, you can take things up a notch by playing real money slots online too.  

Open World Games  

There’s something very special about an open-world game. Immersing you into fantastical realms with no great need to stick to a specific mission or follow a linear story, open-world games are the perfect way to while away hours on a Sunday afternoon. Littered with side questions and plenty of new locations to uncover and explore, a world-building game is slow-paced and designed for maximum player engagement and enjoyment. Sometimes, it really is about the journey, not the destination, and in a world-building game, you can spend weeks or even months enjoying the former.  

This is a genre that is packed with worthy games to check out, but one of the best games available to play in 2021 is Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. It’s a real fever dream of a gaming experience, and it really pushes the boundaries of what can be done with the open-world format. We won’t go into spoilers here, but let’s just say the game isn’t over when the lead character runs out of lives.