August 11, 2022

How to Play Video Poker: Tips for Beginners

All gambling games can be divided into two groups: those in which the user decides something, and those where nothing depends on him. Video poker belongs to the first category. Even though it is as close as possible to slots, and it even has RTP, a player can increase his chances of getting a prize if he takes into account some important points.

1)   Not all machines are the same

Dozens of video poker types are presented in online casinos today, and each of them is unique. The ultimate goal of the player is to make the best possible combination to receive higher payouts, but the RTP and multipliers are far from the same. That’s why you need to compare and calculate the benefits before you join the game. For example, you can compare their conditions on The basic indicator that characterizes the return of the machine is called RTP. The bigger it is, the smaller the risk for the player. Also, the choice should be influenced by the complexity of the rules.

2)   One is better than two

Unlike tournament disciplines and even real-money games, you do not need to study various strategies and immerse yourself in mathematical calculations. When the main goal is earnings, it is better to focus on one variety of it. If you play everything at once, the abundance of strategies in your mind can confuse you. Among the easiest and the most popular options for newcomers are Jacks or Better, where wins for combinations start with a pair of jacks.

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3)   The size of the winnings is different

Each video poker slot has its own RTP, but it is important to take into account the conditions of the paytable. It often happens that a slot with smaller profits and bigger multipliers is better than the alternative. However, the total income may vary even in the similar poker formats offered by competitive providers. Therefore, the choice should be stopped on the option that offers higher payouts.

4)   Strategy is the key to success

When the user is only counting on luck, he has no control over anything. If he makes decisions based on mathematical calculations, then he starts to influence the result. There are many systems, the effectiveness of which has long been tested in practice. None of them guarantee wins, but some reduce the house edge to a minimum.

5)   Online and live poker

Although there may be no difference in the gaming process in land-based casinos and on gambling sites, preference should be given to the second option. Licensed sites do not even have a theoretical possibility to affect the return rates, and the honesty of some real establishments is sometimes under question.

Every decision made by the player before the launch of the slot matters. The most important point is choosing the right slot machine with the right payout table and high RTP. Next, you need to decide on the strategy and the size of the bets, and only after that start the game.