October 5, 2022

The show promises to be the largest edition yet and will focus especially on relevant advertisements.

Geoff Keighley has caught a rhythm in his The Game Awards, as it has heard the opinions of previous editions and intends to speed up the event with a long list of world news and announcements. Now, just a few days before the awards ceremony is broadcast, the professional wants to raise the expectations of the spectators by recalling some of the most important points of The Game Awards 2021.

More than half of the show will be brand new video game commercialsGeoff KeighleyThe presenter continues to reiterate the number of announcements of this edition and promises to give them even more important, as explained in the Inside the Game Awards podcast transcribed by modiz, a user on Resetera: “More than half the show They will be totally new video game announcements, “says Keighley. However, there are still many news to be revealed from the 2021 gala, as the professional himself is excited about everything that is coming our way. in the next few months.

The Game Awards 2021 will show a forceful 2022: "we have announcements for next year and beyond"

“This year’s lineup is going to be… pretty good, I think we have a lot of games. for 2023 and beyond that will be announced, and next year will be quite big for games, so I think we have great things in store! “Keighley explains on the podcast. Also, he is aware that the absence will be noticed of certain titles live, but consider that, in his experience, “as long as you have 2 or 3 really good things, the Internet forgives you.”

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The Game Awards is one of the most important video game events in recent years, as it combines the presentation of ads about video games with the awards ceremony to decide the best works of the year. The list of nominees for The Game Awards 2021 has already been published, which will air on December 10 at 1:00 a.m., Spanish peninsular time. In addition, it seems that this gala will not be short of surprises, as the retransmission of an announcement planned for more than two years is being prepared.

But, if you can’t wait any longer for an awards ceremony related to video games, remember that this very night we celebrate the 3DJuegos Awards, a live gala with contests and even gifts for the spectators.

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