November 27, 2022

11 bit closes an agreement with Epic Games to use its graphics engine for 10 unannounced games.

Epic has earned the admiration of the community with its graphics engine, because Unreal Engine it has reached levels that bring it closer to hyperrealism. The developers have not been slow to see the potential behind these graphics, and that is why the 11 bit studio, known for creating the tough This War of Mine, has closed an agreement with Epic to use the Unreal Engine in his next 10 games.

11 bit will use Unreal Engine for its next 10 gamesAfter all, the possibilities offered by an engine like Unreal Engine 5 open up thousand doors to video game developers, so 11-bit CEO Przemyslaw Marszal does not hesitate to celebrate the news: “The new fifth-generation technology is impressive, and we are excited to be able to use it. with all its potential in our new games. What we are doing is Unreal [Irreal]!”.

To give more news about everything that can come out of this collaboration between Unreal Engine and 11 bit, the developer studio has shared a short video in which a scenario of their “Project 8“, a game that has not yet been announced. Here, the power of the graphics engine can be perfectly observed through the multiple details that characterize the presentation, which will be expanded as we learn more about this future delivery.

Of course, Unreal Engine can be a great addition to 11-bit stories, as This War of Mine has not only stood out for its good sales rate, but it has also become a recommended reading for students in Poland. So, with such power when it comes to create storiesImagine what the developer studio can do with hyperrealistic graphics. The result of this collaboration may be of the most relevant for the sector.

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