August 17, 2022

The game had been released for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series, but its creators already had PlayStation in their sights.

The Ascent has been a surprise, both for the premise presented in its first ads and for the game experience proposed to users, and it seems that Neon Giant does not want to stop giving news totally unexpected. While the developers were already aware of the community’s desire to bring the title to PS5, they have now given a real step in this topic registering The Ascent for both Sony’s next-gen console and PS4.

After all, the latest Neon Giant game has appeared classified for PS4 and PS5 in Taiwan, as noted Gematsu on his Twitter account. From the developer studio they have not given more details about this movement, since an official announcement has not been published, much less a launch date, so we will have to wait for Neon Giant share this news through its communication channels.

Therefore, fans of the RPG and the exploration of a world of cyberpunk will be more than happy for the arrival of The Ascent to more platforms. The game itself proposes us to discover the universe of Veles alone or with up to 3 friends in an experience that mixes role-playing items with action. However, this experience will put the skills of any player to the test, as we will have to survive in a terrain where chaos and confusion reign in equal parts.

The success of The Ascent has led it to continue to expand through regular updates and future modalities, something that is confirmed with a first DLC in which new weapons and other incentives are incorporated. If you do not know the idea of ​​Neon Giant, you can always consult our analysis of The Ascent, where we especially highlight the successful combination of handling weapons with the feeling of be in a living world.

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