October 5, 2022

The adventure starring lawyer Kate Walker was due to premiere in a few days, but Microids needs more time.

If you are followers of the franchise Syberia Or you just like adventure games, Microids regrets to announce the delay of Syberia: The World Before. What was going to be the fourth episode of the series was going to premiere in a few days, but Microids has announced a change of plans that takes it to the first quarter 2022.

It is necessary to give us a little more time to finish the development in the best conditionsMicroids“We are committed to launching the best game possible by offering an immersive adventure that will transport you and stay true to the universe of Benoit Sokal. Currently it seems that it is necessary to give us a bit more time to complete the development in the best conditions “, explains Microids in a press release. They do not specify a new launch date beyond the period mentioned above, but promise to give more news coming soon.

Syberia: The World Before

In addition, the developer has Good prospects on Syberia: The World Before, and that is why they look at the title with positivism: “We are very confident and eager to share with you the new adventures of Kate Walker. We are convinced that the players they will be very excited for the next episode of the series, “says the study in its message.

Therefore, it seems that Microids is not going through its best moment in relation to its graphic adventure franchise, since its creator, Benoit Sokal, passed away last May after battling a long illness. In this way, we will have to wait until next year to learn more about the creative universe, which this time will take Kate Walker, the protagonist of the franchise, through new and mysterious paths.

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