August 17, 2022

The console will emulate the PC experience on a portable device, including as open a system as possible.

Steam Deck has become, overnight, one of the proposals most anticipated by the community. His idea of ​​bringing the PC ecosystem (which includes platforms like Steam) to the portable world has captured the interest of a good handful of gamers, who have raised their expectations with images from the world of Horizon Zero Dawn or the frenzied battles of Devil May. Cry 5 running on the console. Now, Valve has answered a very important question and its answer will relieve a lot of users: Steam Deck will not have exclusive games.

No, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. It is a PC and must run the games as a PCValveThis has been clarified in their frequently asked questions section, a section in which we already learned other relevant aspects about the console such as its multi-account system or the use of the dock. Now, Valve shares its decision not to include exclusive games on its console and defends this point of view in a single sentence: “No, it doesn’t make much sense to us. It is a PC and must run the games as a PC“.

Steam Deck

After all, Steam Deck has been touted as a machine that emulates the open system from computers and, therefore, will allow us to play both Steam titles and deliveries from other platforms. In this sense, Valve will open a thousand possibilities for us with Steam Deck and, taking another of its main premises, it will ensure that we enjoy all these experiences inside or outside our house.

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Although the Steam Deck seemed to have transformed into the perfect Christmas present, it seems that the console will miss the holidays after announcing a delay that pushes it to February 2022. However, Valve does not stop giving us information about its proposal, since it understands the doubts that players have and has already specified aspects such as a compatibility system that will give us more data about the games before buying them.

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