October 5, 2022

The worker has decided to put her welfare first and encourages the rest of the employees to continue the cause.

Blizzard employee leaves the company and warns Bobby Kotick of the consequences of his actions

Activision Blizzard continues to suffer an earthquake that has already managed to crack the image of the company, and although the multiple complaints of sexual harassment They have become an economic consequence, now it is the employees who are beginning to look to other horizons. This is the case of Jessica Gonzalez, who has decided to leave the company and move away from video game development. And he communicates it to the rest of the workers with a message in which he also send warnings to Bobby Kotick.

You’ve had years to fix the culture and look at where the company is locatedJessica Gonzalez“It has been a journey that has taken years, and I have made the decision to leave Blizzard by putting my well-being ahead. I have accepted an opportunity that is too good to reject “, explains Gonzalez in the statement shared on Twitter, where he also encourages his companions to continue the fight.” Let your passion and that of the people around you generate the spark that will initiate significant changes. I believe in the good people in this company and I can’t wait to see how far you can take it. [la causa]”.

At the end of his message, Gonzalez takes the opportunity to send a message to the CEO of the company and notifies him of the consequences of their actions: “To Bobby Kotick: Your inaction and refusal to take responsibility is driving out good talent and the products will suffer until you are removed from your position as CEO. This may seem harsh, but you’ve had years to fix culture and look at where the company is located. “

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After all, the situation of Activision Blizzard it has been extended throughout the gaming community, and while Bobby Kotick has made promises related to his departure and some shareholders have called for his resignation, the CEO has still not resigned. Therefore, as Gonzalez says in his statement, there will be something to see how they develop Activision Blizzard’s upcoming games within this hectic context.

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