August 14, 2022

It will be the first game from Uprising Studios, a small developer located in Salamanca.

Spain has put the batteries in the development of videogames, and Uprising Studios comes to reiterate this idea with Scarf, a beautiful game that combines mysticism and adventures. The title has already been under development for several years, so its authors believe that it is time for its first creation to see the light of day. Therefore, today they publish their launch date together with a trailer that allows us to glimpse what we will find in this incident.

Scarf will take us to his fantasy world from December 23Scarf will take us to a world whose inhabitants want to merge and be part of nature itself from the next December 23th on PC. Through the platforms of Steam and GOG, we will control a boy along a path full of obstacles and, at the same time, we will wonder if it is really possible to neglect the call of our destiny.


However, we will not do this trip alone, as we will have the help of a dragon that becomes the scarf we wear throughout the trip. Thanks to this creature we can unlock skills of the most particular to overcome all the problems of the trip, which translates into puzzles and riddles that we will have to solve with the different capacities of our partner.

Of course, the development of Spanish videogames has taken over the present in recent years, and that is why proposals such as Scarf or Aeterna Noctis, a metroidvania that recently presented its soundtrack, continue to be presented. If you have more interest in national projects, do not hesitate to consult the list of finalists of the latest edition of PlayStation Talents, which will decide the winning game on its next broadcast.

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