August 10, 2022

The Huawei 3D Games Awards are just around the corner, and we want you to participate in the process of choosing one of the main awards. The Best Game of the Year Award for readers. Participate and, not only will you be able to do your bit when deciding one of the most important awards of the night, but you will also be able to win delicious free video games.

We are just one week away from the Huawei 3D Games Awards 2021, the awards gala with which we are going to close a year of great joys in the field of video games. Being the readers of 3DGames the focus of the awards and the magazine, it is your turn to choose your Game of the year for readers at the Huawei 3D Games Awards 2021. How? Very simple: a little below you have the poll in which you can vote for your favorite launch of the year, which includes the games already available at the time of voting; hence there are absences such as Halo Infinite or Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, which would already be part of the voting next year.

However, and although it is one of the great prizes of the night, the Huawei 3DJuegos Awards gala 2021 will feature many other awards to be distributed among different categories in which we wanted to recognize the excellent work done in different fields of the video game industry. Of course, we will announce them in the next few days.

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What about the game of the year from 3DJuegos? The climax of our valuation change in our analyzes will come on the night of December 2nd: there we will award the most superlative video games of the year our Masterpiece seal and from those chosen by the 3DJuegos editorial team, the winner of the evening will be out. Who will be the chosen ones? It is part of the surprise: do not lose detail of the Huawei 3D Games Awards gala to find out which are the great winners of a night that we want to be unforgettable.

Win free games by telling us your tips

We want your opinion and vote to have a prize, so we give you the option to win two free video games. On the one hand, do not hesitate to tell us your predictions for the Huawei 3D Games Awards 2021 in the comments.What will be the Masterpieces of 2021? Which actor or actress will win the award for the best interpretation of a dubbing actor in our language? What is the story that has impacted you the most in 2021? The most spectacular graphic section of the year? Tell us what you want and choose to take a free game, which you can choose from one of the Masterpieces of the year that we will announce during the gala. We will announce the winner of the draw on December 2.

In addition, if you vote in the poll that you can find just below this paragraph you will have the opportunity to win another game also free, and that you will also be able to choose between the Masterpieces that we decree that same day.

However, the contests, tournaments and gifts do not stop there, there will be many more that we will reveal during the gala both for those who attend and for those who follow it from home. In fact, remember that you still have time to attend the event and live it live with the editors of 3DJuegos in Madrid. You just have to go to the link and comment “¡I want to go to the Huawei 3D Games Awards gala 2021! “and explain the reasons why we should invite you to what we want to be the great annual video game party.

Choose the Game of the year in the Huawei 3D Games Awards 2021 and win free games

You can not come? Do not worry! We have prepared a lot of activities so that all 3DJuegos readers, regardless of distance or geographical location, can participate in our contests and win great gifts from the same YouTube broadcast, social networks and the web. Remember: you can follow the Huawei 2021 3D Games Awards gala live from our YouTube channel on the day December 2nd from 9:00 p.m., Spanish peninsular time (check your time slot from here). On Monday we will announce the winners who will be able to attend to see it live

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