August 17, 2022

“Spartacus” will merge PS Plus and PS Now in a new bet with three subscription levels that could arrive soon.

By Marcos Yasif / 304 reviews

Sony actively works on the launch of a new subscription service to compete with Xbox Game Pass. According to the Bloomberg agency, the Japanese company will merge both PS Plus and PlayStation Now in the spring in a new similar bet although with quite differences to Microsoft’s bet, which will allow you to enjoy a wide catalog of classic and modern titles.

Spartacus targets spring for releaseAlways according to sources consulted by Jason Schreier, the idea of ​​the hardware manufacturer goes through a three-tier subscription serviceThe first would feature the existing benefits of PS Plus, the second would offer an extensive catalog of PlayStation 4 and eventually PlayStation 5 games, and the third and last would allow its subscribers enjoy PSX, PS2, PS3 classics it is included PSP.

Codename spartacus

The shared information still raises many questions, and it is unclear how similar it will be to Xbox Game Pass. Schreier does highlight PlayStation’s interest in invest in improving your Cloud Gaming bet, so you would expect a better performance compared to PlayStation Now in this field. Luckily, if your sources were correct, you wouldn’t have to wait long to get to know the service in detail: Sony’s idea goes through a spring launch for PS5 and, perhaps, PS4. Your name? At the moment it has been baptized internally as Spartacus.

PlayStation 5

A few months ago an ex of PlayStation questioned the profitability of Xbox Game PassSince the launch of Xbox Game Pass four years ago, there has been a lot of speculation about a PlayStation counterattack, but so far there has been no clear answer. Thus, the firm currently has PS Plus, where users are allowed to enjoy a small selection of games at no additional cost each month, and PS Now, more similar to Xbox Game Pass although focused on gaming in the cloud, at least in its first stage.

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However, the success of Xbox Game Pass, with 18 million subscribers – a number possibly out of date – may have changed Sony’s mind. Now we will have to wait to see the ambition deposited by PlayStation in Spartacus. In fact, the former Sony Worldwide Studios, Shawn Layden, a few months ago questioned the profitability of Xbox Game Pass, you would need to have 500 million subscribers to recover the investment, something already answered from Microsoft.

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