August 11, 2022

The Motocross World Championship comes one more year to our consoles and PC thanks to MXGP 2021. The official title of the championship has a good number of official licenses, motorcycles and more than forty real pilots to drive. However, it is far from the level that Milestone can offer. We tell you about it in our analysis.

The Italian studio Milestone is an expert in bringing you some of the best driving games on two wheels that we have in the current video game landscape. A good example of this are the MotoGP, RIDE or Monster Energy Supercross sagas. All of them offering different variants within motorcycling with results, yes, somewhat different. Precisely this disparity becomes more palpable than ever in MXGP 2021, a title that feels anchored in the past and that needs a little more push in many of its modes to catch up with its ‘team’ brothers.

If you don’t know MXGP, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that here the important thing is not speed. The way to enjoy the experience is very different from what we can see in MotoGP. Controlling braking, leaning the bike and balancing the weights are everything in the Motocross World Championship. This translates into command quite simply, but no less effective, directional control continues to reside in the left stick, while everything that has to do with the rider’s behavior and his position on the bike is focused on the right. . It is a very entertaining way to play, which is difficult to catch the point at first, but then manages to catch you by making spectacular jumps with their no less impressive landings that, along with the muddy curves, where we slide our motorcycle at will. leaves the best sensations in what is playable.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that the important thing here is not speedThe physics system is very irregular, with some behaviors during falls or off the track that are far from feeling realistic. In fact, it is difficult to pigeonhole MXGP 21 into a driving style. His proposal is more a hybrid between arcade and simulation that neither of the two facets has finished exploding as it should. I have missed better work on the tracks, which remain static for more turns and wheel treads that occur in the mud, a factor that games like Snowrunner have been able to explore wonderfully.

Various game modes for MXGP 21

MXGP 2021 analysisIn MXGP 2021 we have four different camera perspectives, the one inside the helmet being a real spectacle

However, if MXGP 21 wants something it is that you have a good time at the controls, that you enjoy the layouts and that you do not fall quickly into the frustration that such a particular gameplay can generate in some users. Mechanisms known as the rewinding They are present at any time of the race to help in this facet, in the same way that customization in the degree of difficulty and ability of the AI ​​to stand up are elements in which each player will find a way to adjust the experience to your measure.

As to game modes, MXGP 21 does not have a very extensive repertoire. The one that has given me the most hours of enjoyment has been Trajectory; A career mode in which, as one of the more than 40 pilots of the two categories present in the game, or by creating our own avatar, we will rise through the ranks of our own team or a real one by which we are hired . The degree of depth in this mode is not as developed as what we could see in other sports or motor games such as F1 2021. Here the greatest dose of realism is given by the licenses of the different teams and the models of motorcycles with such brands. emblematic such as Kawasaki, KTM, Yamaha or Honda among others.

MXGP 2021 PS5In MXGP 2021 the time of departure is always of vital importance

Throughout our journey we can change contract and accept some of the achievements of each of the different houses. However, the challenge system is only about achieving more prestige as a pilot. This progression system is quite linear and lacks incentives beyond running, not posing a real challenge in any case. The game mode can range from playing the entire weekend, or choosing to play the final two races of each Grand Prix. The fast modes are represented by Time Trial, Grand Prix and Championship, both in the single player mode and in the online side of the game that is accessed through simple rooms to which we can invite our friends.

A fairly simple bet that you fulfill without wanting to take any riskThe truth is that these are the game modes where you will spend most of your time. A fairly simple bet that you fulfill without wanting to take any risk. The modo Playground from previous deliveries is back. In this modality we will be able to roll freely through open stages of the different great prizes. The truth is that I expected much more from this facet where the most remarkable thing would be Waypoint, a kind of control point editor that will allow us to create within these environments tours in which to lose ourselves and share with the community. An entertaining treat the first few times you end up losing interest due to the inconsequential nature of its inclusion.

To finish we have the track editor, a tool in which, choosing the environment between apple orchards, plains, forests or quarries, we will shape different routes, choosing their position on the stage, relief or cant in the curves. It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool that, in line with the rest of the game, does not innovate at all, but it manages to be effective.

The great MXGP riders are present

MXGP 2021

Regarding the licensed pilots within the game, the fans of this sport are in luck. The young Spanish promise Jorge Prado is present, as well as other athletes of the stature of Jeffrey Herlings or Romain Febvre, who are also selectable although their presence does not go beyond the number and their name, since no work has been done to model any of them. of them, all their faces being covered by the helmet from the moment of their presentation on the screen.

This edition of MXGP 2021 has all the circuits that we have seen throughout the past championship (the 2022 edition will officially begin next February) and the addition of four races Iconic Ottobiano (Italy), Ernée (France), León (Mexico) and Agueda (Portugal) are available for single player and online.

MXGP 2021 PS5

This edition of MXGP 2021 has all the circuits that we have seen throughout the past championshipMXGP 2021 arrives for devices of the past and current generation. We have analyzed it on PS5 where the graphic section is compliant, highlighting the variable weather effects that occur during the races, the higher rate of images per second and a better resolution. However, the textures on the track or the modeling of the drivers in the race do not reach the level of detail that Milestone has shown in other productions. The greatest addition to this facet is the use of technology DualSense that takes advantage of the resistance of adaptive triggers and haptic vibration, these being adjustable from the menu. I mention this, because it seemed to me that, with the basic settings, the triggers could present an excessive resistance that has come to exhaust my hands, but hey, that’s a matter of taste and… of strength. MXGP 2021 arrives fully translated in text and dubbed in voices into Spanish.