October 5, 2022

The creative believes that the League of Legends series is part of the products that mark the future of animation.

It’s no secret that Hideo Kojima, iconic creative director in the industry, has always been drawn to the movie world. This passion can be seen in some of his best work, which has led him to further nurture this facet by consuming audiovisual products of all kinds. Now he has joined the trend of visualizing Arcane, the animation based on the League of Legends universe, and has come to the same conclusion as Rotten Tomatoes users: it’s a great series.

I was invited to a trailer before it was officially released, and I’m sorry I turned it downHideo KojimaThese are the words that Kojima has published on his Twitter account, where he comments on his first impressions of the series, as well as a own anecdote: “I’ve seen four episodes of Arcane. This is amazing! This is great! I was invited to a trailer before it was officially released, and I’m sorry I turned it down.” But here the praise of the Japanese creative towards the idea of ​​Riot does not end, but he dares to go beyond.

“A digital video achievement between realism and art, following in the footsteps of ‘Spider-Verse’, ‘Love’, ‘Death & Robots’ and ‘Witness’! The future of animation and CGI!“In the tweet, Kojima mentions films, series and shorts that stand out personally for his artistic style, a small list to which Arcane is now added with his argument of war between cities and particular creative design.

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After all, Arcane has added merits since its premiere, as it has managed to catch League of Legends players and people not related to the video game world. Due to this tremendous success, Riot has not been slow to confirm a second season with which we will know how the story of Vi and jinx, although it has already warned that it will not see the light in 2022.