August 11, 2022

CD Projekt believes that the platform must return to its “core business” to get back on the market.


CD Projekt has had a most eventful year. Cyberpunk 2077’s launch hasn’t been as good as expected, although the latest reviews on Steam they have raised morale to developers. In addition, it seems that things have not gone too well with its GOG digital store, as the latest financial results have led the company to reflect on its future.

GOG has had losses amounting to $ 2.21 million in the last yearIt has been thanks to VGC that we have learned the economic data of GOG, as it indicates major losses in the presentation of CD Projekt’s third quarter revenue for 2021. In this sense, the platform has had a drop of $ 2.21 million, a figure that is far from the earnings of 1.37 million produced during the same period last year. Therefore, from CD Projekt they have developed a new plan to recover the essence of GOG.

GOG Image

“First and foremost, we have decided that GOG should focus more on its main activity, which means offering a handcrafted selection of games with its unique philosophy of being DRM free (Digital Rights Management). In line with this approach, there will be changes in the structure of the teams, “explains Piotr Nielubowicz, CFO at CD Projekt.

In addition, GOG will abandon the ‘Consorcio south Gwent‘, a company project based on the card game The Witcher. Otherwise, CD Projekt ensures that all your projects go smoothly, including updates and expansions for Cyberpunk 2077. closed for 2022 and even its next-gen version, which will be accompanied by a more renewed edition of The Witcher 3.

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