August 10, 2022

Cricket Betting Tips: 4 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Being Successful

The ICC T20 World Cup is, except for the Indian Premier League, the biggest T20 tournament in the cricketing world. When this competition is being played, millions of people across the world stop what they are doing to feast on the action. Due to the size of the competition, many sports betting sites offer odds and markets for cricket betting online. There are many great resources of cricket betting tips you can find online, and for this article we have collected four of the most useful.

Know the differences That Exist Between T20 Cricket and Test Cricket

Now, we know that this sounds obvious, but you will be surprised at just how many novice cricket fans think that T20 cricket is exactly like Test cricket. This is not the case. In the latter, there is an overwhelming philosophy that if you win the coin toss, you bat first. However, in T20 cricket, it is seen as an advantage for a team to bat second.

In fact, when you look at stats from previous cricket games, you will see that the captain the wins the toss only chooses to bat first around 23% of the time. So, there must be a clear advantage to batting second, which is why we would recommend that when you are looking for a cricket team to bet on that you put your money on the team that is batting second.

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Also, in Test cricket, both bookies and fans alike can accurately guess the players that will play. However, in the cricket, the eight teams have a big squad to select from, meaning that we often see surprise picks from coaches. Only four foreign players can play in a team at once, and this can lead to some tricky and puzzling decisions from the coach. Teams are announced just 30 minutes before a game begins, so having strong knowledge of all squad players and their skills is a major asset as bookies race to change pre-line-up odds, which differ greatly from the original odds. We recommend that you wait until the team is announced before you make your cricket predictions.

Get to Know the Stadiums

Not all cricket grounds are built equally and having good knowledge of the differences that exist between each stadium will increase your chances of making a successful cricket bet. For example, Delhi’s Feroz Shah Kotla Ground has short square boundary wickets, which means that it is easier for batsmen to hit sixes.

Make use of sites such ESPNcricinfo as there you can see detailed statistics of previous cricket matches that have been played at cricket stadiums. Look at the results of the teams batting second and then see whether the pitch tends to favour pace bowling or spin bowling, and whether there is a fast outfield. Make use of all this information in your cricket betting and you really can improve your chances of landing a winning bet and making a tidy profit.

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Do Not Be Afraid to Have Contradictory Bets

It would seem quite strange if we told you to put your money on both teams playing in a game, right? Or that you should consider betting on a team to get over x amount of runs and then bet on them to get under x number of runs? Well, if you were doing this before the match started it would be odd and you would be losing money, but live betting offers great chances for you to make some money no matter what the result is.

Let us provide you with an example to prove it to you. Let us say that you back India at pre-match odds of 2.50 because you feel that they are over-priced. They start off well and end up with a score of 185 runs. Team B, who are Pakistan, struggle in the first couple of overs and now India are clear favourites. This is where you can go and check the live in-play odds. India are just 1.40 to win now, while Pakistan have odds of 7.00. You might be confident in your original bet, but you should think of place a small bet on the other team to land a profit no matter who goes on to win.

Analyse Bowler Versus Batsman

One of the main reasons why we absolutely love the cricket is the fascinating individual match-ups that take place on the pitch between bowlers and batsmen. Thanks to the Internet, it is pretty easy to find out who batsman do well against. For example, Chris Gayle, who likes to call himself the Universe Boss, has scored close to 4,500 runs in the cricket, which includes a staggering 326 sixes. He has a big reputation for destroying leg spinners.

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When a batsman scores a huge total, take a note of the bowlers that he came up against the most. You will soon see patterns regarding who the likes of Gayle, David Warner, and KL Rahul like to face when batting. You can then make use of this information to make educated bets when the line-ups are announced. If there is a bowling attack that is full of spin bowlers and they will be facing batsmen that struggle with that type of bowling, then it is a good enough reason to bet against the other team making a big total.