October 3, 2022

This phase, which can be enjoyed on Steam if we register on the game’s website, will have a limited duration.

Company of Heroes It is one of those franchises that lovers of war deliveries do not lose track of. And now, with Company of Heroes 3 on the horizon, the developers don’t miss any opportunity to connect with their players and learn from their experiences, something that is repeated with the premiere of their pre-alpha multiplayer. A modality that we can access from free way via Steam.

However, it should be noted that this possibility only exists if we registered on the game’s website, as Steam will only let us access tomorrow to this pre-alpha mode if we have carried out the aforementioned step. Once this is done, we can enter the war strategy of Company of Heroes 3 and enjoy battles against other players, as well as battles with friends and even wars against the AI.

Company of Heroes 3

Within this multiplayer, we can experience four maps Italians in the game modes discussed in the previous paragraph and we will have the opportunity to experiment with other elements of the game such as the complete tactical pause, the side armor of the vehicles, the verticality, the battle groups and the veteran. A set of options that developers intend to use listen to the players and enhance the title experience.

Company of Heroes 3 has ended up putting wargame fans in their pockets with gameplays that show their strategy in real time. And, although at the moment it has only been confirmed its launch on PC, the creators do not want to close the door to other players and consider a future in which Company of Heroes 3 also reaches consoles.

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