August 17, 2022

This top-down shooter was already available for PS4 and PS5, but promised to land on computers by the end of the year.

The Spaniards from Weird Beluga Studio have taken a daring step with Clid The Snail, a game that combines the playability of dual stick shooter with a very particular dark setting. However, this idea has given them the opportunity to work under the umbrella of the program. PlayStation Talents, and the studio is now taking a new leap into the PC ecosystem by specifying a release date.

Clid The Snail will be available on PC on December 15Clid The Snail was now available for PS4 and PS5But it didn’t take long for the developers to announce a version for computers. So, if you are interested in this game and you prefer to invest your free time on the PC, keep in mind that the snail will drag all its weapons to this platform next December 15 via Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Humble and GeForce NOW, something that Weird Beluga Studio announces via an action packed trailer and battles against other creatures.

Clid The Snail

After all, delivering to PC was an essential action to creators: “The PC is a very important platform for us, mainly because PC users are a very diverse group. Clid The Snail is a very colorful and dark sci-fi game with a lot of humor and challenging gameplayso we’re looking forward to PC users jumping right into it, “says Tomas Manzano, programmer at Weird Beluga Studio.

Because this work is not just another top-down shooter since, as we explained in our analysis of Clid The Snail, the adventure is much more varied in its genre than it seems. Not for nothing has he won the award of best game in the 2019 edition of PlayStation Talents, an initiative that has already presented the finalist titles for the year 2021 and has set a date for the broadcast of its eighth edition.

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