August 17, 2022

If you collect all the cosmetics available during the event, you will receive an exclusive relic for Wattson.

By Axel García / 2 comments

The holiday season is back in Apex Legends, as from December 7 to 21, the Pirates collection event will be available, along with the return of the Expreso Hibernal for the third year in a row. You will be able to unlock legendary cosmetics for various legends, such as Valkyrie, She-wolf, Pathfinder, and Wattson.

You will receive an exclusive relic when you collect all 24 cosmetic items from the eventIn addition to bringing out the inner pirate in various characters during the event, the Winter Express comes with a challenge for all players. Those who manage to collect the 24 objects cosmetics before the deadline, they will get the electrifying relic of Wattson, called ‘Power Reader’.

However, the Winter Express is not only known for its rewards, but for the game mode that comes along with it. Three teams have the opportunity to board the train, but debuting this year, each legend will have the opportunity to choose their own weaponry before taking this transport.

Apex Legends

Each legendary skin comes with its own weapon, and you can get all these rewards in the exclusive challenges that will be presented during the days of the event. Each of these tests can be completed at the same time as the challenges in the regular Battle Pass, so there will be no need to repeat feats in different games.

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This holiday event wasn’t the only announcement Apex Legends gave us today. Two directors of the team of this battle royale, Chad Grenier and Jason McCord, announced their departure from Respawn Entertainment, after working 11 years in the study.

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