November 27, 2022

The publisher will continue to support Battlefield 2042 with more updates as it explores new avenues for the series.

Battlefield has managed, over the years, to establish itself as a really important franchise in the world of video games. And that’s why EA sees plans bigger for shooter, so you’ve already started to think of ideas that go beyond just a simple game to explore an interconnected universe of the saga.

We want to build a Battlefield universe, one with multiple projects that are interconnectedVince ZampellaThis was commented by Vince Zampella, Respawn co-founder and, from now on, Battlefield supervisor, in a chat with Gamespot: “We intend to build a Battlefield universe, one with multiple projects that are interconnected and maintain to the player in the center“An idea that they are already beginning to develop through initiatives such as Battlefield Mobile.

Battlefield 2042

“We plan to grow Battlefield and meet players who play through various experiences and business modelsincluding our upcoming Battlefield Mobile launching in 2022 with Alex Seropian and Industrial Toys, “Zampella continues. So it remains to be seen how EA’s intentions unfold around one of its star franchises, which has taken over the news recently with the launch of Battlefield 2042.

And it is that from EA they do not want to replace their latest game, because the construction of this interconnected universe will not interrupt updates Shooter: “We will continue to evolve and grow Battlefield 2042, and explore new types of experiences and business models that will be added to those foundations to provide an incredible collection of experiences for our players. “

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In this way, EA enters the field of video game universes with plans that will be detailed later, but without losing the objective of upgrade Battlefield 2042. After all, the game is far from a success, as it has been placed as the lowest rated installment of the saga and, since its launch, it has lost a good percentage of players. Despite this, and with the idea of explore new paths On its horizon, Battlefield 2042 is receiving new updates that expand the user experience.

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