October 5, 2022

The game and design directors say goodbye to the studio, but they assure that Apex Legends is in good hands.

By Axel García / Comment

Apex Legends

Chad Grenier and Jason McCord, Game Directors and Design Directors respectively of Apex Legends, have announced their departure from the Respawn Entertainment studio. They both worked 11 years in the positions they leave today, and in addition to battle royale, they also helped create other installments, such as both Titanfall releases, in addition to various Call of Duty titles.

It’s hard to quit a game and team you love, but it’s time to do something new.Jason McCord“It’s hard to give up a game and team you love, but it’s time to make something new“McCord said in his twitter account. “There are no plans at the moment. I will walk the Earth for a while and recharge.”

For his part, Grenier wrote a farewell letter, where he dedicated a few words not only to his co-workers, but to the entire Apex Legends community. “It has been a journey unforgettable, but today, this crazy chapter comes to an end “, say the director’s words.

Despite these two simultaneous games, Grenier ensures that Apex Legends remains in good hands. Grenier mentions, that he feels he will be able to walk away from the title, knowing that the team will continue to take care of the game community. “We have years of content planned, and I can’t think of anyone better than Steven Ferreira as the new director of the title. “

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Ferreira worked alongside Grenier since June 2019, shortly after the launch of Apex Legends. The game not only opens a new direction, as it recently began its new season, which came with a completely new map. Titanfall, on the other hand, was pulled from digital stores and all video game subscription services.

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