November 27, 2022

Balbo explained why he chose Lamas to be part of his working group

Abel Balbo He reappeared on the scene and on a visit to Argentina was invited to the program ESPN F90, where he talked about everything, but left a striking title: Julio Lamas will integrate his coaching staffSince the former forward of the Argentine national team and of various clubs in Italy wants to become a coach.

The inclusion of the prestigious Argentine basketball coach generated an impact, since the inclusion of professionals from other sports in football is not common, regardless of the success they may have in their discipline. Although far from any prejudice, Balbo gave his reasons for having summoned Lamas to his working group, and clarified what his specific role will be.

“I am putting them together by the coaching staff. I already put a ‘ten’, Julio Lamas. Because he is a very recognized person in the world of sports, very intelligent, to help a lot in everything that is the management of the group. Logically Julio is not going to be training, but he is a very serious person, he is a ‘ten’ and I want all of ‘ten’ next to me ”, said the former gunner from Newell’s.

Julio Lamas with the Japanese players in the last Olympic Games (REUTERS / Brian Snyder)
Julio Lamas with the Japanese players in the last Olympic Games (REUTERS / Brian Snyder)

“They can criticize me, but when I am convinced of something I am not afraid of criticism and then I accept, and if it is constructive one listens to it. But that Julio is going to be very important, I have no doubt about that. He is going to be my right hand, he is going to help me in everything that is management and he has enormous experience ”, he affirmed.

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The issue raised the debate on the program and, for example, Marcelo Benedetto recalled the case of Luis Maria Bonini, who was the physical trainer of León Najnudel in the basketball of Ferro Carril Oeste and then joined football with Carlos Griguol in the Caballito team. Bonini was also a member of Marcelo Bielsa’s coaching staff.

As the former footballer, Diego Latorre, recalled another case when Pep GuardiolaBefore starting as a strategist, he met with the Argentine volleyball coach, Julio Velasco, who was also very successful in that discipline, and even served as Sporting Director at Inter Milan.

Another example of a sport “crossing”: that of Ariel Holan, who worked for many years as a field hockey coach and then proved his ability in soccer, where he became champion of the Copa Sudamericana with Independiente.

Balbo, 55, was a great scorer who after his first years at Newell’s, where he was First Division champion in the 1987/1988 season, went to River Plate and later emigrated to Italy, where he spent most of his campaign. , playing in Udinese, Fiorentina, Roma and Parma. He also had a brief stint at Boca Juniors in 2002, before his retirement. And he played three World Cups, Italy 1990, United States 1994 (he was key in the Repechage against Australia with his goal in the tie in the first leg) and France 1998.

Abel Balbo joined the squad of the Argentine team in the 1994 World Cup. He was also in Italy 1990 and France 1998
Abel Balbo joined the squad of the Argentine team in the 1994 World Cup. He was also in Italy 1990 and France 1998

While Lamas, among other achievements, was champion in the National Basketball League with Boca Juniors, Ben Hur, Libertad and San Lorenzo. With the Argentine national team was champion in the FIBA Americas 2011 and at the 2012 London Olympics he lost the bronze medal match to Russia. In addition, he was a prop in the promotion of the Golden Generation, the litter that led the albiceleste discipline to glory. He also directed in Spain, where he achieved the title with the Lucentum Alicante, in the Spanish Basketball League, which is the second competition in that country behind the ACB League.

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Lamas, 57, in September left his position as coach of the Japanese basketball team, which he directed at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. At that time in an interview with “One Against One Radio“, Revealed that” I would like to work in sports management or in the communication part. I take it now as an intermediate situation, I feel different. I don’t see myself or stop seeing myself anywhere, it all depends on what they propose to me ”.

From what Balbo announced, he accepted the proposal to join his work group and Lamas will arrive in the world of football with a lot of basketball experience to be able to contribute, but from another function.


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